Built for Latin American Engineers

Matilda Explorations helps outstanding engineers in Latin America find remote jobs at the best Silicon Valley companies.

Latin American Engineers and Silicon Valley companies collaborating in the same timezone
Full-Time only commitment
We are long term thinkers and company builders

Full-Time Only

Our goal is for engineers to be part of the company's team, building the company together. Our members are not freelancers jumping from one project to the next. 

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We build our community with attention and care

Top Talent

In order to join, candidates must pass rigorous skills and cultural fit tests. We run take-home tests as well as live coding interviews. Our members are proud of their craft, and they look to partner with companies that love to write good software.

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Top talent
Thoughtful matches
Helping engineers find mission alignment

Thoughtful Matches

We connect each member of our community to technology companies in the US that best align with their passions and who would benefit most from their expertise.

Matilda is a match maker. We help engineers find the company of their dreams: it’s our job to understand what their ideal job is, and to introduce them to great companies to work with.

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The Latin America Advantage

Remote work has organized the world in longitudes. By connecting top talent with amazing companies across the Americas, we enable the best engineers in the region to work with the best companies, on the same timezones.

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