How Startup CEOs Can Hire TOP Engineers

For CEOs of a startup company with a small team, it’s essential to get your tech hires right.Because hiring the wrong engineer, or investing in an engineer who leaves after just a few months can have huge financial implications - especially when you’re working with VC or other fundraised dollars.

As experts here at Matilda at helping startups like yours hire top-flight engineers, we want to share with you the top five keys we found over the last year that will position you to get the BEST engineers who will help power your growth for the long haul.

1) High level technical testing
When hiring engineers, make sure you have a proven technical interview that separates top-flight engineers from ordinary ones. At Matilda, we’ve dialed in this technical interview for you to a high degree of success so that by the time you’re interviewing candidates, you’re only talking to the cream of the crop.

2) Verify their long term intention with your company
The biggest cost for companies is hiring engineers that tend to switch companies every year. But if you hire the type of engineer that’s passionate about working for a startup, believes in the potential of the company and your vision as CEO, and stays long term, your engineering ROI will skyrocket.

3) Hire Full-time rather than contractors
While contractors may be cost efficient in the short term, a full-time engineer delivers a much higher ROI and is likely able to tackle some of the temporary jobs within the scope of their work as well deliver better continuity to your company as you grow.

4) Ensure a culture match
This is HUGE for startups! Think of hiring like dating. Beyond the X’s and O’s, a strong culture match between your company, you as CEO, and your engineering hires will produce amazing growth. And they will stay with you for years to come.

5) Get the highest valued engineers
The best value for your company isn’t necessarily to get engineers from vaunted companies like Google or Microsoft. You’ll pay top dollar for an engineer that will likely move on in a year or two?

But what if you get someone equally as qualified who’s likely to stay for the long term, whose goal is to work at a startup?

We’ve found that remote engineers from Latin America (LATAM) are a secret goldmine. Their engineering education is equal to their US counterparts, but because most companies haven’t discovered this talent pool, you have access to the top LATAM engineers.

So as a CEO with a limited amount of time, how do you ensure all five of these strategies are being followed when hiring your next engineer?

That’s where Matilda comes in.

We’re experts at hiring top-flight engineers so you don’t have to be.

If you’d like to learn more about our process, along with our unique model which minimizes risk for you,we’d love to chat.

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